Back in 1962, AROMATT started out as a small family business catering to the needs of butchers' and grocers' in the region of Les Angles.

Soon attracting the attention of the food mass distribution industry, AROMATT products began to be introduced to supermarket shelves on a level that quickly earned the brand a national listing.

Since then, the company has become one of the leading market players in the aromatic flavouring and packaging of fresh olives in France.

In 2007, AROMATT joined forces with the OLIVES&CO group, an alliance that, two years later, led to its relocation to a fully-refrigerated plant compliant with all the latest food safety standards, namely IFS and BRC certifications.

Today, thanks to its cutting-edge facilities, sound market experience and inimitable know-how, AROMATT is able to offer a wide array of products under its AROMATT and SUN OLIVE (economy range) brand names,  as well as adapt its offering in line with demand. It also works to the requirements of other players, including retailers and private label customers.

Our olives come flavoured, whole, stoned or stuffed and are available in shops in various gramme weights and displayed and dramatized as attractive promotional product offers (RRP retail ready packaging, Box).

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